gitster (Junio C Hamano) (gitster) wrote,
gitster (Junio C Hamano)

Sorry, LiveJournal, git bye and thanks for all the spam


I've been blogging elsewhere without announcing where it is to the public. The primary reason I left here is because the pages seem to get too many spam comments, and I got sick of removing them. I could have simply ignored all of them, but sometimes I get nice comments from satisfied and unsatisfied git users alike, and it would be rude of me to discard them without reading.

I haven't visited LiveJournal since I wrote about Git 1.7.5 release here, and was surprised to find that the look of the site somewhat has changed. It could be possible that the spam filtering at LiveJournal has become a lot better while I was looking the other way, but I do not care too much anymore.

In any case, I am leaving this site as I got comfortable enough writing at the new site now. Also I started to gain momentum again and am spending more time writing new code for the project than before. Life is too short to waste fighting blog comment spam.


Tags: git, git thanks
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