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April 24th, 2011

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02:19 pm - Git 1.7.5

The cycle took a bit longer than I would have liked (83 days), but finally I tagged the latest release v1.7.5 with 547 changes from 77 contributors. The previous release v1.7.4 had 554 changes from 104 contributors and it took 134 days.

Changes are very well balanced: 20% in implementation, 20% in tests, 15% in documentation. There is nothing particularly earth-shattering but the foundation for i18n is now laid out which is internally a big thing. We also had a large update to git-gui's po files (pt_br).

On the development branch a handful of interesting and rule changing features have already been cooking. Hopefully the next cycle will be even shorter.

Due to comment spamming at this site, I am disabling comments on this entry. I might migrate out of livejournal altogether.



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