gitster (Junio C Hamano) (gitster) wrote,
gitster (Junio C Hamano)

Fun with being at the Open Source Program Office

A few days ago, we had a group of young visitors. They are high-school kids in SF area who are learning Open Source as an extra-curricular activity. It was a pleasure to learn that these youngsters are enthusiastic about HTML5 and store their projects in git. We had a brief q&a session over lunch.

Google's Open Source Program Office (OSPO) runs a series of "Interviews" by Jeremy Allison (who works on Samba) on its YouTube channel, and I ended up participating in an episode. Chatting with Jeremy on git was fun (he was unusually kind on the tape, even though I know he constantly curses git when he is not being taped).

It was published in the Open Source Blog today.

Tags: git
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