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January 13th, 2011

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10:24 am - Nearing 1.7.4

I thought that 1.7.4 was going to be just another incremental update, but small things sometimes add up to form a surprisingly larger whole.

Here are some of the highlights since 1.7.3:
  • The structure of the discussion thread send-email creates when sending a re-rolled series (i.e. with In-Reply-To) is finally made much saner. Earlier, everything including the cover letter was made into a direct response to the previous round, but now only the cover letter becomes a direct response, and everything else becomes a response to the cover letter for the current round.
  • Bash-completion is usable with Bash-4, which broke completion of --option=with-value of our earlier implementation.
  • Tab-width used in whitespace breakage checking can be configured via the attributes mechanism. Earlier, we insisted that a Tab had to be 8 places everywhere.
  • The merge machinery can now be told to merge branches ignoring various whitespace changes.
  • The fetch command learned to recurse into submodules, reducing the need to use "submodule update". It will be a longer-term trend to roll submodule-awareness into more basic commands, and this is one of the steps in that direction.
  • <tree>:<path> notation to name a blob or a subtree can be told to take the current directory relative to the top of the current working tree by prefixing <path> part with "./", e.g. "HEAD:./Makefile" when you are in "drivers/" subdirectory names the blob at "drivers/Makefile" in the current commit.
  • Pickaxe search "log -S<string>", which was designed for scripted use, met a more human-friendly cousin "log -G<regexp>". While "-S<string>" is about counting the number of appearance of <string> in the file before and after the change and reporting when they differ, "-G<regexp>" looks at the actual patch text and reports if a line that matches <regexp> appears as either added or deleted, allowing detection of simply moving a matching line in a file, which "-S<string>" was not designed to do.
Reviewing the list of updates, you would notice (and hopefully, be pleasantly surprised) that there are quite a few user-visible usability enhancements.

Current Mood: thankfulwarm and fuzzy

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