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Thanking Gifts from Amazon Wishlist

From time to time I receive gifts from satisfied git users and developers, chosen from my Amazon Wishlist.

There are a few things I do not like about the Wishlist feature at their site, but one of the most annoying thing is that it is sometimes nigh impossible to find who sent me the gift.  They do it primarily to protect the personal information of the giver, and I do appreciate the consideration. I obviously do not want a packing slip that mentions the address, phone nor the credit card information of who paid for the item, and sensibly enough Amazon does not put such a thing in the box. But it means that somtimes all I can do to express my gratitude for a gift is to say "Whoever gave me this, I do not know who you are, but thank you very much", which is moderately frustrating.

When a gift-note option is chosen by the giver, I'll know whom it is from.  Also if I ask politely enough, sometimes Amazon seems to ask the giver for a permission to reveal his/her name to me.  It seems that this is even harder to do when the item is sold by third-party shops not by Amazon itself (one of the reason is because often there is no gift-note option available for items sold by third-party shops).

Another annoying thing about their Wishlist feature is that they do not give the package tracking info to the gift receiver. If somebody gives me a gift and a package is lost on its way, I wouldn't know. I'd end up to being a rude person who received the gift silently without expressing his gratutude.


I received a Finepix Z200fd to replace my aged Minolta DiMAGE Xt recently from a fellow git user R. Tyler.  I didn't think I have any complaint to my DiMAGE until I played with the new Finepix I received, but I realized that I just simply didn't know what I was missing by sticking to an old technology. I still wouldn't say anything in particular is wrong with DiMAGE, but I wouldn't imagine myself going back to it.

And I am pleased not just by the new camera.  I am more pleased to learn what I do is appreciated by other people.


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